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Version: 3.x

Communication and Feedback

Develop and Communicate

Select the following corresponding groups, use WeChat to scan the code to add, you will receive the group QR code, then scan the group code to add.

Feedback and suggestions

If you encounter a bug, Please fire a Github Issue

If you have questions or ideas please discuss them on Github Discussion

Community Sharing


Taro Community - Let every communication be accumulated

You can ask questions, discuss, and tweet in the communication community.


Taro examples marketplace - Making each example generate Value

You can find some open source templates, components and projects in the examples, and you are welcome to share your results.

Join us

Join Taro community

Taro invites you to join in community building

Contribute code to Taro

Taro welcomes community developers to contribute code to Taro, please read the following before contributing Contribute Guides

If you want to implement an important feature for Taro, you need to write an RFC document first, Follow Taro's RFC System and do not commit the code until it has been discussed and refined by the community.